Poem: The Gb Scale 

Fuck you Gb Scale 

Fuck all your brothers and sisters 

Cousins, Aunty’s, Uncles, 

All relatives alike…

Fuck your parents too! 

Nobody wants you

You know why you’re so useless?

You’re to difficult to understand 

Too difficult to get my head around 

Most of them time 

People just walk around you 

Like you’re in the way 

The broccoli to get to the mash potatoes 

Get out of the way Gb

I know you are just trying to be like the others 

I know you are trying to fit in 

But you need to try harder 

I can’t stand the difficulties you bring about 

You need to be faster

I am not a bad person 

I’m just stating a fact 

However I am trying to be a good musician 

And I’m sorry you had to hear from that wicked wrench Gb

The musician in the practice room accepts the difficulties you possess

The musician hears your cries 

Hears the complaints that wicked wrench says as you accidently falter 

But the musician helps you up 

You are not alone Gb 

She is mean and impatient 

But the musician appreciates you

Don’t worry Gb 

You do you 





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